A Simple Guide to Landing Your First Job Interview: Beyond Luck

Pooja Fouzdar / August 21, 2023

Hello there, job seekers and freshers!

If you’ve been tossing coins into fountains or waiting for lucky signs, it might be time for a new approach to finding that first job interview.

Getting that interview isn’t just luck – it’s more like playing a game of musical chairs without the music. So, let’s dive into some useful tips with a touch of humor!

Chapter 1: Your Resume – More Than Just Paper

Think of your resume like your favorite TV show that you’ve watched so many times.

Your resume is not just a list of stuff you’ve done, but a chance to show your skills in the best way possible. Customize it for the job, just like you pick your favorite pizza toppings.

Chapter 2: Making Connections that Matters

Let’s talk about networking.

Imagine you are Harry Potter with a magic wand that sends LinkedIn invitations.

But the real magic happens when you connect with people in your field. Think of LinkedIn like a special club for professionals.

You’re not casting spells, but you are making bonds.

Chapter 3: Homework is the Key

Ever been on a blind date with nothing to talk about?

That’s what it’s like in an interview if you don’t know the company. So, do some homework!

Find out about the company’s goals, recent news, and achievements. When you talk about what they do, you grab their attention.

Just don’t predict their favorite holiday destination– that’s a bit much.

Chapter 4: Skills- Meant to Show Off

Remember! You’re more than just a piece of paper.

Maybe you’re great at something, like juggling. If not, focus on skills that match the job. Maybe you’re really good with Excel, Photoshop, or writing emails.

Whatever it is, make it shine!

Talk about it in your resume, share your experience with it and how it can make a difference and add value.

Chapter 5: Dressing Right

You’ve heard “dress for success,” but why not show your personality?

Dress like yourself, but still fit in with the company. It’s like wearing your favorite clothes to a party, but making sure they match the party’s theme.

Chapter 6: The D-day: Interview

It’s the big day. You’re dressed up, resume in hand, and ready to go or not, if it is virtual!

The key is being ready.

Practice your answers until you’re super confident. And don’t be afraid to add a little humor. If the interviewer tells a joke, it’s okay to laugh!

Just remember, you’re not there to be a comedian, but a smile can help ease the nerves.

Chapter 7: “Tell Me About Yourself”

When they hit you with the “Tell me about yourself,” they’re not asking for your life story.

Keep it short and talk about things that fit the job. Think of it like a quick introduction with a bit of sparkle.

Chapter 8: After the Interview

You’ve done the interview, and now you’re waiting.

But why wait?

Send a follow-up email to show you’re still interested and thank them for taking the time out to interview you.

Remind them of the key stuff from the interview and ask if they need anything else.


Remember, landing that first job interview isn’t just about luck or wishing on stars.

Being knowledgeable and organized are key. You’re about to dominate this job search like a pro, so get out there with what you know, a welcoming attitude, and a little humor.

#You’ve got this!


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