CodeCaste Team Revived, Rejoiced and Rebound at The Grill Street

Code Caste / November 13, 2017

Hardcore coders must need some rest and to decode them from stress and workload, CodeCaste perked monthly parties. Nothing is better than food to revive and refresh humans and to refill them back to their creativity.  This time, we have planned to hang out at The Grill Street to give some BBQ sense to our taste buds.

Located at the lifeline of the city, the place has a great ambiance, adding a feeling of relaxation and refreshment. The hosts, obviously the founders, have left no stone unturned to entertain the employees. Of course, there was a frustrating session of waiting to join the entire team (traffic should be blamed for), a session of the laugh, a session of some serious discussion about the world affairs, sessions of sharing the positive experience of life and motivation and #NoWorkTalks.

Above all, the farm fresh food was like the cherry on the cake. No one missed turning the skewers of BBQ potatoes, Brazilian flavored pineapples, and Pudina Paneer. Right from the mocktails to desserts, everything is design to distress and rebound with the team.

How could we forget the hidden talents of our teammates? Who knows the bug eater could be a surprising singer at the end of the dinner? Finally, the tester turned singer ended the party with the most mesmerizing musical session. We wish the team to cherish these moments and maintain their outstanding performance for the company.


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