Why Sales People Hate Cold Calling? An Afraid of Rejections!

Code Caste / May 23, 2018

Cold calling techniques that really work and It’s is not dead

I’ve been reading for a while on all the social media channels about several things on cold calling like ‘Cold Calling is Dead’ ‘You cannot accelerate your business with cold calling in 2018’ etc and heaps of blogs & posts on such subjects which somehow takes me to the back seat on understanding the root cause of this objections & animosity towards cold calling.

I own a Website Development company started 11 months back where I’m the one doing the sales hunting & bring revenue for my little baby. I’ve been into Sales before I incubated my own gig but trust me I’ve never made a single cold call in those 4+ years of my sales tenure.

From the last couple of months, I’ve hit a plateau in my sales due to reading all those BS & cajoling about Cold Calling which kept me hooked & trapped into these beliefs on Cold Calling is Dead

I took up a challenge being a newbie in Cold Calling where I seriously put my head down and started reading books which were written by great Sales authors on Cold Calling, to name a few :

Cutting this short here is I believe are 3 Fundamental Reasons SalesPeople procrastinate or don’t tend to Cold Call these Days

1〉 Cold Calling is Dead

Yes, this is one of the single most myth I was trapped and I know every salesperson are imprisoned by this belief. Amazing to see the people are broadcasting this message has never made a cold call in their life. To Demystify this myth I started dialing the numbers with of course a good script & backup sales close to surpassing the rejection & here are some micro stats I’ve for you (Could be an eye-opener!)

  • Calls Dialed – 66/Week
  • Appointment Fixed – 8
  • Closures – 3

Well I know I can make 10 times more calls & closes then I’ve done so far but for a newbie like me who has never made a single cold call in his past Sales Career

I amazed at how a small handful of dials can bring me such a result. Yes, I went through many self-doubts, talks, rejections, etc (Which I’ll cover in coming blogs) but I still hold to it & results are in front of you!

2〉 Afraid of Rejections

Who loves to get rejected on ⅓ of the calls they make or take this as who likes to get rejected in the first hour of business. Trust me or not but rejections are one of the prime causes salespeople are not making those cold calls anymore. We are living in an instant gratification world where we don’t want to get

  • Rejected
  • Take Pain
  • Can not wait too long for results.

This need mental toughness & resilience to take Rejection on your chest & move ahead like a RAMBO! I’ll extrapolate this topic in depth about how to strengthen up your mindset in my subsequent blogs next.

3〉 Social Selling & Emails

Well Kavish, Why I should cold call when I can pitch someone via Linkedin or drop him an email & get things done. Well, that’s not a bad idea though you can count on those streams for 2nd or third connect to make your way trust me relying only on those vertices will reassure you a ‘pink slip’ soon.

Your prospects are getting bombard with 100’s of emails in a day &, your chances are quite fancy to be on the thrash box with all those salespeople who are like you. Prospect needs to speak with some real human, get the vibe & take the decision rather than sending away their business to robots. Human needs Human. Period!

Well I’m still in the learning curve when it comes to cold calling, I’m not claiming that I’m the Cold Call Guru or the best Cold Caller, not at all I’m just starting out and have the way to travel but one thing is for sure that

Cold Calling is not Dead (Get out of this B.S)

The only way to boost & accelerate your business is Cold Calling (My Numbers speaks well I guess though they are on the micro level yet)

I’ll be writing my next subsequent blogs on cold calling & sales, I only write real-time practical scenarios I face day to day to make shit real!

Happy to learn, take over more comments & of course some good objections.

Happy Selling Folks!


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