9 Simple Tip to Secure Your Website | WordPress Security Tips

Code Caste / June 15, 2018

Simple WordPress Security Tips to Secure Your Website

Intellectual property rights have been one of the most dominant issues in the digital world. Website security and content safety have been causing flutters among security experts. In such a scenario, thinking about the best WordPress security is not an exaggeration since WordPress manages almost 27% of global website traffic & almost 50,000 new websites are getting launched on WordPress every day.

What Should You Protect?

We understand how precious your website is and it’s security means everything to you. However, many don’t know what to protect and how to. Here we are presenting a perfect guide – WordPress security checklist that will enable you to protect your WordPress site effectively.


  • Ensure to run an https-only website
  • Make sure to have a dedicated server

User Management

  • Review user logins and attempts
  • Grant limited access – as much as needed

WordPress Core and Plugins

  • Check for update/ set auto update
  • Download from reliable and trusted sources


  • Limit the login attempts
  • Employ 2-factor authentication

Server Admin

  • Use the encrypted connection to communicate with the server
  • Do have a strong password for the MySQL database.

WordPress Security Tips:

It has been witnessed that those have independent blogs on WordPress are least bothered about security measures, and those who have self-hosted websites have the least security apparatus involved.

However, these few simple things one can do to ensure the highest security for your WordPress website. Let us share some of the critical WordPress security tips here for your benefit.

  • Website lockdown: The feature prevents you against recitative wrong password attempts from hackers. It locks down your site immediately and notifies you of an attack.
  • 2-factor authentication: Always ensure to have login secured with 2-factor by connecting your mobile number to WordPress.
  • Login With Email: Always use your email ID When login into WordPress instead of Username.
  • Change login URL: To avoid hackers using their GWDs for standardized login URL, change login URL, which is easy in WordPress.
  • Admin Directory Protection: Use separate password protection feature available in WP to protect your admin directory.
  • SSL encryption: Secure Socket Layer protection is a must if you are running a professional website. It’s easy and cost-effective.
  • WordPress Database Security: By changing the table prefix of your WordPress Database you can ensure safety for your WordPress Data.
  • Configuration security: wp-config.php is the core of your WordPress set up. Changing the location of the file from root to the higher directory would ensure hackers can’t find it.
  • Disable directory listing: “Options All -Indexes” is the line you can add to your .htaccess file to ensure your new directories are fully protected.

The Best WordPress Security Solution:

The biggest advantage of WordPress is plug-ins, even for security. The Best WordPress security plugin is many by various claims, but only a few provide you with the impeccable security that is next to impossible for even an ace hacker to crack.

Although, WordPress has its own robust and efficient security system, adding a few more layers would ensure impenetrable security through these 3 best plugins for WordPress 2018.

  • iTheme Security Plugin

You should not find any excuse not to have iTheme security plugin, be it free or premium version. It monitors all the core files continuously and abandons those users fail to login after a few attempts.

iTheme is one of the strongest plugins against brute force, which effectively confines admin and login pages.

  • All In One Security Plugin

One of the best WordPress security tips to use plugin besides being popular because of its grading system, which allows the user to identify the vulnerable areas of your website.

Limit to login feature disallow brute force, while login direction feature blocks specific IP address upon multiple login attempts.

  • Wordfence Plugin

Protect your website from frivolous and vicious IP addresses or completely abandon a specific country from viewing your website. Two-factor authentication, custom notification, and efficient scanning make Wordfence one of the most reliable WordPress security plugins. It offers a Web Application Firewall that protects your site from malicious traffic.


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