Getting old & having fun

Non profit group in Germany




Getting old & having fun

What they do?

Site is about 60+ Veteran people in Germany who stays at home, residential parks,Foster living etc which guides them about how to take care of themselves & what are the perks, governments plans which are in place for them in Germany.

Almost like a Quora for 60+ people who wants to get’s information about their second inning life living, perks,Travels, health etc. Only difference is no individual can have an account here.One non profit organization is posting the blogs daily.

Challenge before contacting us

Earlier version of site was ripped off from few offshore developers and they were getting less traction online before contacting us.Our challenge was to rehash the site with much better content flow, structure flow, design & off course an admin friendly one which allows webmaster to have complete control over this site for getting good 60+ visitors online.

What we did?

We took one of the off the shelf theme from marketplace and incorporated it with WordPress setup.Each and every section of the website is completely editable by back end and all the design request was served nicely by my team over the development period.


23% increase in the traffic flow and more and more 60+ people are getting engaged daily for looking out on productive topic.Revenue generation was not the goal here as this was more of an non-profit group we worked with.