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Warlingo is a unique donation-based website that counts the number of keywords related to 'war' on your website and calculates the donation amount accordingly.

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WordPress Development



About Client

Good deeds never go down the drain.

Considering the same idea, our client observed the downfall in support and donation for the Russia-Ukraine war survivors.

Hence, they launched a website to do their bit towards the welfare of people in Ukraine suffering from the after-effects of war.

Their motto is "Let’s donate a penny for every war term we use in our daily lives."

Project Goals

The first and foremost aim of this project is to bring to notice Ukraine’s deteriorating conditions. News channels have now moved their focus from the Russia-Ukraine war to other current affairs.

This is the sole reason behind people not donating to the cause. However, this prolonged war situation has drained the country’s health and wealth both.

Every penny matters! Hence, WarLingo , with this objective, is a website that counts the number of keywords related to ‘war’ used on your website.

Few war-related keywords are:

Furthermore, as per the above calculation, it displays the results page along with a donation amount. This links the user to another site to which the company can donate.

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“CodeCaste Pvt. Ltd.'s new website was well-appreciated by the company's partners, receiving positive feedback. The team regularly held weekly check-ins to implement revisions precisely. What stood out the most was their speed in grasping and delivering exactly what the client needed and wanted”

Raul Mandru

Creative Director at RXM

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