10 Advantages of Hire a Remote WordPress Developer

Code Caste / April 30, 2018

Online presence has become mandatory whether one is a public figure or runs a business. Without having a website or a blog that impart enough information about a person or a business, growing into the public eye isn’t possible. WordPress, among all other ways, is an easier way to build an online presence since WordPress Remote Development brings lots of benefits.

WordPress Impact

  • Understand these statistics before going for a WordPress site or a blog. Almost 30% of the Internet is powered by WordPress. Almost 50000 WordPress sites are launched every day because building a WordPress site is easy and maintaining it is even easier.

Cost-Benefit Ratio

  • On cost-benefit ratio to WordPress wins the race because one can easily remote full stack developer and build their online presence at the most economical rates.
    So, let’s understand the reasons why one should opt for a remote WordPress developer.

All Solutions Under One Umbrella

  • A remote WordPress developer provides a full range of services with expert knowledge. From design to coding and backed to cloud solutions, besides customization, custom plugins, and optimization, a freelance WordPress developer is a one-man army for you.

Comprehensive Business Model

  • A freelance WordPress developer is dedicated to only one aspect and that is WordPress development, hence, he or she is focused and progressive in approach. Besides, he or she is fully acquainted with various business models and their needs.

Technical Support

  • A non-technical client need not run behind a number of developers and friends to express their needs and in seeking tech support. A WordPress developer can provide a wide range of technical support beyond WordPress development including training on CMS or online payment gateways.


  • The in-house developer is always in search of better opportunity and might reveal business secrets to competitors in order to get a better job. Whereas integrity is the first virtue a freelancer can survive in the industry. Besides, NDA would provide a legal remedy.

Cost Comparativeness

  • Hire remote WordPress developer for flexible rates and working hours. A Remote WordPress Developer can be hired for hours or days or month, which obviously reduces your cost.

Database and Design Expertise

  • It’s easier for a remote WordPress developer to develop a comprehensive package of services including CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, HTML5 and basic HTML to help his client build a perfect environment for growth.

Security Aspects

  • Security has become a big issue nowadays on the net. Having complete knowledge of WordPress with all its security aspects, a Remote WordPress Developer can take care of the security of your website with dedicated servers. He also can bring in more features to protect your data.

Testing Environment

  • Having a half-baked website on the net never pays dividends. Therefore, testing is very much important. A remote developer not only is an expert in designing but testing as well. Therefore, one gets a complete site in the roll from the word go.

There is a number of other benefits when they Hire Remote WordPress Developers. A Remote WordPress Developer can bring lots of ideas and can create his own ideal working environment to take all your headache away. Besides, his result-oriented approach may help your site gain instant success on search engines.
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