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Website Development

Website Development is not just coding from dusk till dawn. It’s a ‘state of the art’ that requires cohesive efforts from qualified and seasoned development experts.

At CodeCaste, we have a solid pool of in-house frontend and backend developers who can build and fix almost anything for your website.

We leverage upon open-source frameworks that allow us to build reliable, nimble and scalable website solutions effortlessly.

We can help you build simple websites to complex data-driven sites that can breed the best results for your online business. .

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Frontend Development

How a user feels about your website is crucial. With most users surfing their way through smartphones, it’s critical to adopt a mobile-centric approach that makes your site glue well on smartphones.

Our in-house front-end engineers will assure your site interface entwines smoothly regardless of the device being used.

We believe in producing mobile-friendly & pixel-perfect solutions that translate into a catchy & lean user experience for your website.

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UI Design

Ignoring the aesthetic part is one of the topmost sins many small businesses make. Relying on pre-made themes or templates to cut through might reap small wins initially but can hamper your website’s performance and success in the long run.

Our UI design team believes in crafting beautiful, user-centric & custom website layouts that are consistent with your brand guidelines & unique specifications.

Whether your site needs a rehaul or facing design problems,our design experts are here to consult you.

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Page Speed Optimization

Three seconds is all your site has got to load up. If that is not happening, you are losing a potential lead every day & making google unhappy.

Research shows that 40% of users will bounce off straight away if the site takes more than 3 seconds to load. Sounds Scary?

Our experts understand there is no one factor resulting in lower website loading speed but many. We don't believe in giving abstract solutions but rather, run a detailed website performance test & fix the issues audit demands. In this way, you will gradually experience decreased bounce rate and extended time-on-page.

If your site is to knocking off users or taking ages to load, we hear you.Contact our agency now.

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Hosting Solutions

Having a strong and trusted hosting partner is crucial to your online success. A great website suffering from constant downtime and lags is undoubtedly pushing away visitors.

To make your online business profitable, powerful hosting is a prerequisite in today's day and age. We at CodeCaste provides dedicated hosting solutions that are super secured, lightning-fast with zero downtime & friendly customer support.

Our experts believe in providing tailored hosting solutions that can scale with you over the long run as your website grows.

So, if you are sick & tired of your current hosting performance or need some consultation before picking up the right one? Reach us now & let our team do the digging for you.

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