Ensure Your Website is Making a Good First Impression

Code Caste / July 27, 2018

How to Make a First Impression with your Website?

A website that can create a Longlasting impact on the visitors’ mind is a boon and the article talks about the ways that can help to make an attractive website.

Whether you run a very big business or have a start-up, to have an attractive website is always beneficial.  It helps to add more visitors and more potential customers. An attractive website can make a lasting first impression on the minds of the visitors and make them revisit your website. There are many ways to make an appealing website and few of them are discussed here.

Properly organized website

Clumsy websites are very difficult to operate. The website design should be very easy-on-eyes and User-friendly. User experience is the most important thing to be kept in consideration while designing the website, as at last, it is the viewer who decides that he or she wants to revisit the website or not.

The websites which do not have proper navigation to other pages do not give a good experience to the viewer.  It becomes very difficult for them to find the desired content on the website. Customers also find such websites very time consuming and annoying. So, website categorization helps to pitch the products and services.

Attractive Homepage

A very attractive homepage is like half battle won! Thus proper homepage designing is a very important task in web design. Earlier few seconds are very crucial whenever you see something as it helps to make a decision of your liking. The same rule applies in case of websites.

So, a homepage is the front face of your company and if it appeals to a user then only he or she will check the other pages.  Highlighting the achievements, products, and promotions help to get the viewer’s attention.

A homepage is also a page for the banner and new advertisements. New plans and benefits always attract users.  Also, you can talk about the problem areas of your target customer base so it can create more impact and keep them glued.  When you add the content that directly connects to your customer, it helps to add a personalized appeal.

Accessible contact information

Contact Page is an important page to convert your visitor into a potential customer.  A customer always seeks to contact you after going through your services or products. There are many ways to make a contact page like direct information, contact forms or call to action. The contact forms need to be easy to fill and it should not be too long but make sure that it is not leaving out the important information needed of the visitor.

Informative about us page

About us, Page is the second important page after the homepage that talks about you and help to build your image in a viewer’s mind. This page gives more information about your brand and its products/services. The about us page with proper navigation helps the viewer to get directed to the individual service and product pages.

Well organized footer space

Web development is not a very easy task as it includes many minute things to look after and one such area of the website that gets rare attention is the footer space. For most of the websites, it becomes a dead space where no one gives much attention.  You can make it more lively by giving the subhead of the contact page or putting the links of social media tabs like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Conclusion :

It is important to have a great looking website but it is also important along with that to have a website that can give the best user experience. The websites which provide better user experiences always get revisits.

So, all the aspects of a website need to be taken care of to make a website that can create a lasting impression on the visitors’ minds.


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