How The Single Shot got Home for its Beautiful Pictures

Code Caste / October 17, 2018

When Hemang opened up a photography studio side to the business, he approached us to design and built a website that showcases his best work to his online audience. Influenced by seeing some of our web crafts, he was keen to make an impact through a website that was a bit different to the norm.

How we built it

Working closely with him, we designed and built an interactive WordPress website which has a clean and modern feel. As the website houses countless and high-quality images, we challenged to reduce the loading time by compressing each and every image. Thus, we ensured to deliver a fast loading website loaded with beautiful and detailed pictures.

Reducing the loading time wasn’t enough, as the entire images must be cached by different browsers. We minimized the looping in PHP and even reduced the shrank the CSS, JavaScript, and HTML files manually. We even added Flickr Badges and WP Instagram widgets to share his work with the targeted online audience. 

WordPress offers an easy to edit interface which allows him to manage the photos and the site independently. It aims to inform the target audience about the skills of capturing the essence of every pixel, exploring business opportunities. The website received positive feedback and we look forward to helping him by integrating Woocommerce for in the future.

Benefits of the WordPress website

         Modern UX feel

         Filterable photos

         Clear navigation

         Search feature

Client Feedback

“They provided so much more than I asked for! I am pleased with my website and the interaction with their team”


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