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Code Caste / September 20, 2018

Best 6 Popular Frameworks for Web Development In 2018-19

The article discusses the best frameworks that are trending in 2018. This includes new frameworks and the old ones also which are still the preferred choice of the web developers.

A very good online presence is required in this age of the internet to flourish well in the business. Every day new things come into the marketplace. Every now and then we come to know about the new technological advancements. All these things give new parameters of survival in cut throat competition.

One requires smart work to be done and it is applicable in the field of web development too. It is a big task for the web developer to develop a site that can attract a customer. Trends change with the time so new designing options are needed to secure a place in the market. Your target audience and customers expect you to get updated with the new changes. Due to this, web developers need to update themselves with the newest developments in the field and to choose the best framework for web development for the client.

There are lot many frameworks from which you can choose from. It is required to choose a framework that suits well with the brand. If the framework will not suit well then it will become like a hard task to develop a web design with that particular framework. It is not an easy task but yet not impossible too. Few of the latest frameworks are discussed so you can choose the one from that.

1. React.js

React.js is maintained by Facebook with a huge community of developers. This is an open source in nature but it is a Javascript library. This is mainly used to create a user interface for the eCommerce website applications. React.js is coming up with React Fibre which is the latest development. This is a reimplementation of ReactJs’s core algorithm. React.js is not a full grown solution still it becomes very important in web development due to its new development.

2. Angular JS

This is a very famous framework made by Google. This is again an open source Javascript and it allows making a one page web application.  This uses MCV architectural patterns to make web applications. This is not a full framework but only a frontend framework. Angular 4 is the latest trend and for making an eCommerce web application you can count on that.

3. Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is known as RoR and this is a top framework for web design as per developers. This is the first choice for making a web application. Very known and big websites like Hulu and Airbnb are made using this framework. RoR is completely free and it is the best advantage of using that as it saves a big cost. This is in use since 2005 and till the date, it is most popular. This is a Linux based open source. The developers find fun working with this framework as the process of development and planning stages are real quick with this framework.

4. Asp.net

Asp.net is like old is gold. This is in use since 2002 and till the date popular. This is made by Microsoft. The main reason is developers can make very dynamic and rich web applications using this framework.

5. Node.js

Node.js is used by the developers to make the website lightweight and this is popular worldwide. This gives very smooth work with the real time applications when there is big data publishing. This is not just a framework but it is scalable. It also has features that allow handling many applications at the same time.

6. Cake PHP

Cake PHP is well known framework to make eCommerce websites. This framework is written in PHP format. This framework is written on the Model-Controller-View (MCV).  The added advantage with PHP is the reuse of the code so it saves lots of time. So, you can reuse all the codes that you have used for the old projects. Due to this many developers use Cake PHP only for making web applications.

Conclusion :

Selecting a framework that suits best to the client need is a big task. If a developer gets updated with the latest trends then it is very beneficial to choose the right framework. You can choose anyone from the old frameworks like Asp.net or the new ones like Angular 4. The best practice is to choose the framework with which the developer is comfortable and fits with the brand also.


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