Top 5 Ecommerce Design Trends in 2018

Code Caste / August 31, 2018

Want to uplift your Online Business? Check Unique Current Trends in eCommerce Industry

Social Media is a very live field as it is connected directly to the users. So, as per the changing users and their mindset, the trend shift comes very fast. It is very essential for the web designer to know the current industry trends on social media. Some unique eCommerce web design trends for 2018 are discussed here.

1. Fullscreen Modals

You may be using modal, modal window and modal box all controlled with a script till now which was giving better client cooperation. Use of models has proven to be successful for the ecommerce platform till now since it was introduced. Now the trend has changed in 2018 and the use of full-screen modals is in use. This can be used for newsletter subscription, search options, and signup forms. The trend has come from mobile web designing.

2. Use of Video Content

Videos are getting more popular day by day. Videos are more interactive and it gives a better understanding of instructions or about the content. More and more personal users are uploading videos on different subjects. Due to its popularity now companies are also using video content in web designing. In 2018 the video content will be visible on the various pages including home page background, landing pages and product detail pages of the ecommerce sites.

There are many advantages of videos for the ecommerce site. First one is that in the video a consumer can see a live product and sometimes demo also. So, the consumer feels more satisfaction and it drives him or her to take a buying decision. You can also add a video of success stories of brand or company. A homepage is the best page for an eCommerce site to add the video.

3. Hamburger Menus are In

Hamburger menus are not a new concept and it is using by so many websites. Menu which has a function of hiding a menu when not required and revealing a menu when it requires. It gives more space for smaller screens. It even gives clutter free look to the webpage. On the webpage, you can see three stacked lines and when one clicks on that then the hidden menu appears. It is a space saving option too and included in ecommerce industries design trends for 2018.

4. Grid Layout Option

Grids are very easy and yet effective design form for ecommerce website development. It gives a very clean and clear look and also easy navigation. Even it saves space so effective utilization of the space is also possible with this option. It gives more options for designers to work with different devices and screens.

In 2018 it is going to continue in ecommerce web design trends due to its good user interface function role. There are chances that more grid layout will see on the query item pages and product classification pages.

5. Voice Search Option

Voice search is a new technique which is very much using on mobile phones. It easily identifies Android and iPhone devices. In the next few months, the new product of Google may come which has a more advanced technology and functions in voice search.

Voice search option gives freedom from typing and it also saves the time of the user. It is going to change the trend of search on ecommerce sites as with this option a user can search for items by giving a voice command.  It will enhance the shopping experience for the user.

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Conclusion –

2018 is going to be the dynamic year with the ecommerce web design trends as there are easy options like grid layout are going to be back in the use. Also, a new option like voice search makes eCommerce sites more exciting.


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