How To Make An Impressive Home Page Of Website

Code Caste / August 13, 2018

10 Reason For Make An Impression with Website Homepage

Homepage is like the face of the website and it is the first page that a visitor visits at the time of opening the website.  Due to its importance, it needs more attention and caution while making the page. This article discusses a few reasons and points that help to make an impressive homepage with Website Design.

In our day to day life, we use a common phrase that going by a face value which literally means that you go with the looks.  A person takes care of the face and tries to enhance beauty all the time. The face is the most important feature that is being noticed by others and the same value a homepage has for the website.

Due to its utmost importance, it is always a confusing thing to finalize the homepage. The homepage needs to be appealing and it should create an impact that a viewer should come back to your website.

Have you ever gone through the dilemma about what to put on the homepage of the website?  how to make a website attractive and professional design? Here is the answer that what you should include on the homepage.

1. Logo

Your logo is the unique feature of your company. People may recognize your products through a logo. A logo needs to be clearly visible by the visitors so it can help the visitor to connect well to your product.

2. Simple and hassle-free menu

The menu on the homepage should be in a manner that should be very simple and it needs to be drop down menu. A viewer always comes to buy something or exploring something so the information needs to be appropriate.

3. Customer centric design

Mainly the company thinks about its own services, products, and information that a company wants to give to the customers.  The home page should be designed by keeping in mind the viewpoint of the customer.

4. Clarity about the company

The website homepage should always give clarity about the company and its services. Very specific content helps to give right and clear information to the visitors.

5. Main services and products

It should list all the main products and services of your company in a very clear manner. Also, list the services and products in a simple manner that should not create confusion in the viewer’s mind.  The information needs to be generic in nature and it should be in a manner that should help the buyer to take the buying decision. The information should also help in getting and maintaining the rank in Google.

6. Contact information tab

Contact information tab needs to be put in a place that is easily visible to the visitors. If they have a query or doubt then they can directly contact. This accelerates the decision making process for the customer.

7. SEO function

To make a website for your business might be a dream for you but what is the use if it is not able to reach to an audience and there comes the role of SEO. Search engine optimization is very important because you want your website to be listed with good ranks in Google.

8. An action message for a customer

A website homepage needs to be impressive and also it should deliver a message that draws the customer to take the action. If a homepage does not have this element then a customer can leave the site without taking any action.

9. Option for subscription

That helps you create a database and also it opens up many new potential customers. No matter how big or small business website you have.

10. Easy guidance to chat support

Direct chat support is the best way to connect the buyer to your website homepage. It not only creates a positive environment but also gives you more chances to sell your products as you interact directly with the buyer.


There are no certain rules for how to set up a webpage but the home page is a very important page so many do’s and don’ts are there for the homepage that helps to make it more impressive. Therefore it is important to give the right information about the products and services. Anyone can win half the battle of the selling when they have the right homepage.


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