We are one year old now!

Code Caste / July 7, 2018

CodeCaste Pvt. Ltd. is pleased to announce its successful completion of one year which we marked with a full-fledged on 22nd of June, 2018. It was this date when we first announced ourselves to the IT industry and started our journey towards becoming the Best WordPress Development Agency in India.

It’s time to Celebrate!

We are a bunch of tech freakies who like to work hard and even party harder! Due to hard work, compassion and experience of team CodeCaste, we have achieved more than anticipated in this one year time. Several projects were successfully completed with happy clients. Wow! That’s an achievement team!

The excitement and the zest could be seen on our entire team. It seemed to wait for the day was hard for them! As they decorated the office very early in the morning, in other words, this was the first work they did when they came to the office! Well, everything was allowed that day, after all, we were celebrating our success.

Though we had seen our share of ups and downs in this one year time, worked over-time, sipped multiple coffee cups, but ensured that we were the best in the industry. It would be right to say for CodeCaste- we eat, sleep and breathe designing! Pushing our boundaries and achieving more than expected has been our specialty.

Balloons, motivating cut-outs, frills, good music at the background and icing on the cake was a delicious two-tier chocolate cake!

The cake cutting was followed by a crazy photo shoot session. Kavish Jash the director of CodeCaste Pvt.Ltd. was part of every act of celebration. He has been a great mentor and motivator in this one year journey.

He conducted a live Facebook session giving a presentation on our 1 year journey and the goals we met. The team was left with more motivation and encouragement to work towards another successful year. Mr. Jash also presented the intended goals for the year 2018-2019.

Well not to forget our lunch party with scrumptious food @ Stuff Food Gold Punjabi Restaurant near Sindhu-Bhavan road, Ahmedabad.

The Giveaway

Rewarding the efforts of the team was another surprise element of the day.  There were three award categories: Doper of the year 2017-18 (An award for our cultural activity held on Friday of every week. Every employee has a chance to share his personal motivation story or any reference story which he/she is personally inspired from & share it across with other team members, the best story wins.), the Emerging Talent of the year 2017-18, and Employee of the year 2017-2018.

Here are the winners:

  • Doper of the year 2017-18: Shandilya Suthar (WordPress Developer)
  • Emerging Talent of the year 2017-18: Shardhha Shukla (HR Recruiter/Executive )
  • An employee of the year 2017-18: Brijesh Ramoliya (Web Designer)

Congratulations to all of the winners! Nevertheless, each team member has performed really well during the past financial year and we hope to work with the same dedication and spirit. Let us together break our own success record and set a new milestone for others!




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