Checklist for QA – How to Perform Test for Website?

Code Caste / August 18, 2018

How You Perform QA Testing? Check QA Testing Checklist

A Quality Checklist is an important process before any website goes live. It helps to make the website error free. The need for the quality check and some of the quality check testing is discussing here.

Quality assurance is a very important part of the process of making a website as it checks the functional level of the website.  All the functions are check before it goes to the user and if there are any problems find then it gets a fix before it goes to the end user.

Quality check is vital to maintain the professional standards of the website and businesses. Even you can remember your experience of surfing on the website which is not good on quality and you can relate to your own experience.

Why Need Quality Analyst For WordPress Website Design?

You need to make a quality checklist before you are doing a quality check as it will give you a clear idea that what are the things in a to-do list. Qa testing checklist helps you to create a plan for performing quality testing.

  • Open for communication and ready to approach

A web developer needs to work in a team as different people have different expertise. Communication plays a very important part as miscommunication can create lots of problems and hinder the smooth flow of functioning.

Quality assurance checklist includes good communication between team members and openness to accept suggestions from other team members.

  • Design that is perfect

Designer and client both have a different perspective on the website. As a web developer and designer, you need to understand the client’s perspective also.  Client’s satisfaction is a very important thing along with the target audience. It makes difficult for the designer to create a design of a website which satisfies all the needs. That is why recheck of design is an important thing in website QA testing checklist.

  • The browser and different devices checklist

Once the website prepared and passes through the basic functions like quality check for the design and basic functions then it needs to check for the final launch. Website launch checklist includes many things and to check the website in different browsers and devices is one of them.

In earlier times only desktops were used but nowadays smartphones are also available and different browser and devices give different look due to display and screen resolutions. Even for mobile devices like Android and iPhone, it is a different screen resolution. If the website shows all its features in all the devices and browsers then only it becomes launch ready.

  • Performance testing

Performance testing includes the loading of data. It needs to be check that website does not take too much time to load. Data retrieval should be very fast on your website or else it will take a longer time to open new pages and the viewer can leave the site half of the way for this reason.

  • Bug testing

You need to make very sure that your website is bug-free. Some of the bugs do data theft and it is dangerous for you and as well as for your customers. It includes the proper encryption of passwords and other data. Hence sensitive data should be under HTTPS protocol.

  • Testing of usability

This is essential to know the things relate to usabilities like the color of the hyperlinks or the navigation work should be working fine. The color of the field display and screen display needs to be right. So that page background colors need to be proper and there is no distraction.

  • Great content

Content always has its role to play on a website. Good content can catch hold of visitors and can convert them into possible clients. It needs to be fresh, readable, appealing and yet easy to understand.


All the above points prove the efficacy and need for the website qa checklist. however, the website qa testing checklist takes the time you can be sure after quality check that the website is error free.  The site that has errors not only creates an impact on your client’s reputation in the market but it can affect your reputation and work too.


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