Top Reasons Why Visitors Are Leaving Your Website

Code Caste / August 6, 2018

The visitors can give a higher number of page views but it used in actual terms when they convert into customers and there are a few reasons that drive the visitors to leave any website. Those reasons discussed here in this article.

Top Reasons why Visitors are quitting your Website

Having a greatly designed website is really like a boon but still, you may find difficulty retaining your customer. Many people visit your site but only a few converts into leads. Even it happens that they are very much interested in your website. They might visit and revisit it several times still they don’t convert into leads which means there must be some factors that initiate that behavior in them.

Content, SEO, and even website design they all are very important parts but it needs to be done right then only it can serve the real purpose of making the website.

The reasons may many and sometimes you can say unique for a particular customer to leave the site half way but few common reasons discussed below:

1.Unnecessary Registration Requirements

It Well understood that you put the registration forms to gather the data of the visitors but it is the biggest factor that drives visitors to leave your site half the way. Visitors get irritated whenever the registration forms are too lengthy. So, it is a best practice to keep short registration forms with very much required fields.

2.Very Old and Out Of Date Plugins

The days of flash plugins are gone and it is replaced with the HTML5 plugins so still if you are using the old ones then it is a time for you to change it to the newer version.

3.Very Old Website Design

Website design helps to make the impression on the user’s mind and outdated designs cannot do that for sure. Outdated designs build negative impact on you on the users’ mind. Even the clients doubt your knowledge and think that the owner must be not aware of the newer technology.

4.Very Complicated Content

Content is a very important part of a website because it gives information about the product and services. So, it is important to keep the content easy and user-friendly that a client can understand.  Even these days people search for the highlighted content as it saves there time and makes it easy to get the idea about the products or services.

5.Too Many Advertisements

To many advertisements that pop anywhere and everywhere is a big reason to irritate the visitor and the might leave the site. The advertisement even breaks the attention of the visitor & they might get distracted from the site. So, advertisements may create trouble for you.

6. Website Takes Too Much Time To Load

The websites that are too heavy takes lots of time to lead so it adds the negative point and who likes to wait to look at the screen. So, a fast loading website is a sure choice to gain maximum benefits.

7.Non Responsive Website

These days’ websites are responsive to the users and they act on the command of the users. The websites which are not responsive puts the users off and they prefer to stay away from the website.

8.Hacked Website

So many websites hacked and that goes unnoticed by the owner. As the hackers only redirect the visitors to other sites and you will not come to know about that easily. So, the hacked website is also a big reason for leaving your website. You need to check how to secure your website.

9.No Call For Action

The website that prompts the users to take the action is the website that serves the purpose. The prime motive of the website is to drive the visitor to buy the product the service so if the content or information is not doing that then surely you need to work on that.

10. Product Benefits Are Not Clear

Normally users get convert into leads by reading the product benefits & it not clear then they might run away. They will search the website which gives them a perfect idea about the user benefits. Every visitor is a potential customer and to get the business benefit is the prime factor for any business person.


There could be one or many reasons from above that drive the visitors to leave your website. The best practice is to find out and solve the issues so you can reap the great benefits through your website.  A website with that follows the latest trend with all newer technology is a solution to the above-mentioned problems.


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