6 Tip to Write about us page effectively

Code Caste / September 6, 2018

How to Design About us Page with Trailblazing Content Write?

In a virtual world, your buyers know you through the image you put in front of them. About us, a page is your virtual image and so it needs special care while writing it. Here, some tips to write great about us page is given.

About us page is the most important page for any website. It gives the most important information about your company to the buyer. It talks about you. A bad about us page can create a negative impact on the buyer’s mind.  Aboutus page always lists in the main navigation menu.

How to write about us content for the website?

If the home page is like a face of your website then about us is like a heart of your website from which you can connect to your buyers and your buyers get connected to you. How to write about us page is an art. Few guidelines to write about us page are discussed below.

1.  Give factual information

It is always tricky to write about us page as you have already described yourself on the home page and you want to give different information on about us page. It is also a concern that you don’t want to give very big or a small picture of your real image so you need to settle somewhere at the middle ground.

You can provide the information about your services in brief and how people can benefit from your services. You can also list the solutions through your services that connect the buyer more to you and to read about us page.

2. Pay attention to your audience

An audience is an actual king in the virtual world. You need to pay special attention to your target audience for whom you are writing. People have the different perspective as per their age, demographic location and their special needs. For example, a mother with newborn baby, school children or an adult with illness. They all have a different perception and needs so different specifications can make them more interested.

3. Build trust

Face-to-face transactions have lost with the growing virtual reality and in a virtual world, people don’t know with whom they are dealing with as a person. Trust building is very important due to this factor as your buyer will connect through the image that you provide for your company. If you give your location and contact details then it can inspire more trust in your buyer’s mind.

4. Stay away from false claims

False claims about your service can benefit you once but it is harmful to practice for a longer run. The buyer, who will buy one with higher exception and when it will prove to be as a false claim, will never come back to you again. Also, this can create bad publicity for you. The best practice is to emphasize more on the positive sides of your products and services. It is the best tip to write about us page.

5. Put your best foot forward

You can give details about your best projects also the testimonials of the clients. Also, you can include your personal awards and credentials. All these, help the customer to know more about your services and how best your performance was in the past. Always write this from the perspective of your consumer.

6. Add graphics and subheads

You can do effective use of the graphics like adding the photographs of the last events. You can also add the other pictures which can support your content of about us page.  You can make the page more organized with the help of proper heading and subheads. This can help the reader to understand the content better and also if they do not have much time to read full content even though they can grasp the main points given.

Conclusion –

About us page is actually about you and that creates your impression in the buyer’s mind. Well organized about us page motivates a buyer to make a positive buying decision.  Efforts on making a good about us page is never a wasted one for sure.


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