What to Expect From WooCommerce vs Magento Comparison? For an Enterprise Solution

Code Caste / April 30, 2019

WooCommerce vs Magento – Which One Wins?

eCommerce platforms are gaining more and more importance day by day. Everything has come online and it has increased the uses of online platforms. Due to that many new eCommerce platforms are available. Earlier there were not many choices available. The competition has increased so many offer open source platforms which are either free or cheaper at the rate. Normally free ones have limited features but that can be upgraded to the premium version.

There are many popular e-commerce platforms like Shopify, Magento, woo commerce, zen cart, open cart and many more. A Woocommerce and Magento both are very popular networks and they both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Woocommerce vs Magento pros and cons discussed below.


A Woocommerce is a plugin by WordPress. This is used for developing WordPress websites. Most of the WordPress themes have in-built woocommerce functions. It is an open source e-commerce platform. It is very famous in small businesses as it is an open source platform and also a low-cost option.  This is more user- friendly when it comes to the level of functionality. Woocommerce pros and cons discussed first.

Pros of Woocommerce :

  • It is a free plugin to download.
  • Setup is very easy.
  • There are many choices of themes given.
  • It is free to install so very cost effective.
  • In ready themes, only content needs to be added so it gives an easy to create the e-commerce website.
  • It gives a connection to all major payment gateways
  • It gives an option to offer discounts, coupons and many other features are also available.
  • A very big support community is available.

Cons of Woocommerce:

  • A Woocommerce is free but there are other expenses too like domain name, hosting and extra extensions are chargeable.
  • For the smooth function of woocommerce separate themes required.
  • This is not a good option for the companies who want to scale up as there is not much option available to upgrade.


Magento, also an open source platform owned by eBay. That offers a lot many features so it is very popular among the big companies. Magento e-commerce pros and cons discussed below.

Pros of Magento:

  • The functionality is very high.
  • It gives the freedom to make membership plans, discounts, and recurring payments.
  • It free but also offers a paid version with more features.
  • With Magento, you can also send the product alerts to customers.
  • There are extra extensions available but the site itself has many features that most of the time extra extension not needed.
  • Magento also has an option to make a multilingual site that can load as per the users’ location.
  • Customization is possible with the user interface.
  • This is more SEO friendly than other e-commerce platforms.
  • It is very good for big companies who have resources and money to spend on the e-commerce platform.
  • This is a good option for the companies who want to scale up.
  • Integration with emailing platforms is easy.

Cons of Magento:

  • Magento has a lot many features so it requires lots of time.
  • Also, it needs skill and resources to operate this e-commerce platform.
  • This is not good for very small companies as it is mostly due to extra expenses.
  • Always requires large server space and the small server can cause low-speed issues.

WooCommerce vs Magento comparison is not easy but you can always decide by keeping a few things in the mind. You first need to decide on the type of e-commerce platform you need. If you are a small business holder & needs a very cost effective e-commerce platform then you can choose woocommerce.

If you have a big company where you need a very big e-commerce platform then you can choose Magento. Also, you can decide on the basis of your capital investment. Magento is a very costly one and woocomerce is cheaper in comparison to Magento.

One more very important factor is of work functionality that woocomerce is easy in operation and Magento has more complex functions.

Conclusion :

Both the options are good when we think about the Woocommerce vs Magento but if it is about choosing the one then woocomerce is a better choice for the small businesses. Magento is a great choice for big companies for sure.


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