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Brand Activation & Merchandise

The Araca Group is one of the elite merchandise and production companies in the United States. They were looking for a complete makeover of their website and were eyeing for a competent WordPress team who can add life to their designs into a full-fledged functioning website sticking to a tightrope, non-negotiation timeline.


Project Type

WordPress Development



A WordPress Multisite solution to create a suite of 25 sites, for a large global business.

Challenge & Objectives

Our role was simple, to aid them to put together a bespoke WordPress website for their brand which can appeal to the right kind of audience they were looking to imprint. With the power of WordPress CMS, there is hardly anything difficult to achieve in today’s day and age and our team just put that into practice rightly.

Embedding their supplied web layouts into a fresh vanilla WordPress theme set up from scratch, providing the advantage to access & alter almost anything on the website through the advanced custom field (ACF) add-on turned out to be a perfect recipe for Chelsea Studio team. The site is up and they hardly fail to exhibit their grin from ear to ear about our work whenever we meet them over a coffee! 

24 Country Specific Sites

Next was to create the suite of local sites, each tailored to the country of business, including expertly translated local languages. In some instances multiple languages were required, so we made use of WPML, which allows users to switch.

These sites share many features with the group site, but also have an array of additional custom functionality, including:

  • Account area where users can register and save their favourite products and recipes
  • A Pinterest style insights page full of useful articles
  • A stockists locator
  • Dynamic search
  • A recipes area with advanced filters pulling in ingredients and important information on allergens, suitability for specialist diets and nutritional numbers
  • Spotlight Campaigns - allowing Bakels to create campaign landing pages
  • Dynamic PDF Creation on the fly
  • Advanced Product and Recipe Management
  • A library of training videos

Multi-Device Bespoke Design

Technology & Plugins

Besides WordPress Multisite, we implemented Gravity Forms for form data management and personalisation. These forms were also integrated with Campaign Manager for easy email list management.

We used the Google Maps API to create the global locations and stockist map. Whilst we used WPML to handle country sites which required the ability to switch between multiple languages.


Increase in Mobile Users


Increase in Average Session Time


Increase in Returning Visitors


Reduction in Bounce Rate for Homepage


Since launch the sites have been a great success, giving Bakels a highly customised solution, whilst providing them with ease of use and control over their content.Since launch the sites have been a great success, giving Bakels a highly customised solution, whilst providing them with ease of use and control over their content.

The Multisite solution means that any code pushes or updates only need to be carried out once for all sites, saving the client time and money.


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