What is Content Management System vs Frameworks?

January 8, 2019 |   5 mins. read

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What is Content Management System vs Frameworks?

CMS vs Frameworks – Which one is better?

If you have decided to have a website for your business then CMS and Frameworks both are the equally good choice for you as both are being used by the developers to build a website. They both are different due to different functions and technologies.

It is indeed difficult to choose between CMS vs Frameworks but you can always decide on the basis of your requirement.

The basic idea about CMS vs Frameworks

Content Management System is widely known as CMS. It is helpful for managing the content of the website. CMS gives an ease to the owner to make desired changes in the content like changing the fonts or adding and deleting the content.

An owner can even run an eCommerce store and do the functions like, adding the products through CMS. The other functions like making an inventory or changing prices are possible. That way, it gives the freedom to make the changes from the back-end without relying on the developer all the time.

Some of the popular CMS options are Joomla, Drupal, and WordPress. On the technical side, CMS is built in the already prepared application and there are many other themes that a user can use by choosing the appropriate one.

A framework is basically a library that helps a developer to develop a website. The framework develops thorough PHP as a primary programming language. It is a custom code made with the defined set rules. The developer uses core library functions to develop applications. A developer makes the website by using the frameworks but an owner cannot do the changes in that.

A developer or IT personnel only can manage the website. This has a higher level of technical functions that can confuse any person who does not have sound technical knowledge. Few of the popular PHP frameworks are Zen Framework, CodeIgniter and Laravel.

The difference on the basis of customization

CMS is already built on the application and it is free to download. In a way, it is already built a site with free predefined features. You can either get the theme which is already designed or you can customize the features through extra plugins. Customization is available but there are restrictions and customization is available up to a limited extent.

In the case of a framework, one needs to create the whole website from scratch. The main advantage is the customization with the needed features and you can omit the features that are not required for you. Any editing is possible with Frameworks which is very limited to CMS.

Basic Difference in flexibility

Flexibility is very less in CMS as it has inbuilt features. You can add the features through plugins but that has a limited scope to change.

Frameworks have full scope to add required features as you need to make a site from scratch. So, the complete site is a customized one. This offers full freedom but it is a costly affair.

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Best CMS vs. Frameworks on the basis of security

Security is the biggest issue in the online world. CMS Web Development is an open source so at first thought it looks very favorable that anyone can download and make a website but it is not safe. Any hacker can easily get a code and can hack the website. That way, it has very poor security.

Frameworks have better security. It has its own code developed by the developer so it is not easily available to other people. Frameworks also have some inbuilt security features like SQL injection that helps to make the site secure from common attacks.

On the basis of up gradation

Up gradation plays an important role in the addition of new features. CMS is an open source site so it gets updated very fast. It adds many new features and plugins. It is also easy to get those plugins.

Frameworks don’t get upgraded that fast. It is maintained by the professionals. This has an added security but changing the features will add heavy cost.


Best CMS vs frameworks are like never ending comparison as both have different features and both are equally good. CMS is an open source so it is very cost effective and on frameworks, you can make custom made site. You can decide the one that suits best as per your requirement and need.


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